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Career Development

Our Firm is committed to providing you with the support needed to be successful in your career. Our Firm’s Career Development Program is a critical component of this commitment and provides team members, who have identified career aspirations and goals, with continuous support, guidance and mentoring from Career Advisors, engagement team members and colleagues. Developing your career involves both the integration you create between your work life and personal life, in addition to the alignment of our Firm’s objectives, to your professional and personal goals. Ultimately, it is the career path you identify, create and own.

Our Career Development program lays the foundation for your career path. By partnering and communicating with your Career Advisor throughout your career, you can identify and work toward your aspirations more effectively and achieve your personal goals. Our program incorporates:

       √ Continuous and timely feedback through engagement and
           semi-annual appraisals,

       √ Regular meetings with your Career Advisor to help you
           understand expectations and develop goals, and learn how
           to take ownership of your career and achieve success.


• Becoming a CPA should be your number one priority when you begin your career. FMF&E encourages its team members to pursue their professional certification and license as soon as possible upon graduation or the commencement of their accounting career. Professional certification and licensing is important and communicates to our clients, competitors and fellow team members that you are committed to your profession and knowledgeable in our field.

• To maintain and further develop professional competence, stay competitive, and fulfill licensing requirements, all client service team members obtain 40 credit hours of “Continuing Professional Education” or CPE each calendar year. Through a combination of in-house seminars, RSM webcasts and other training opportunities outside of our office, you will receive the necessary training to support your new career.

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