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At FMF&E, we firmly believe that our team is our most valuable asset. We highly appreciate the diverse talents and abilities of our team members and actively cultivate an open, cooperative, and dynamic environment. By fostering such an atmosphere, we ensure that both you and our Firm thrive and achieve remarkable success together. We take immense pride in our Firm, with a rich tradition spanning over 40 years, and acknowledge that our achievements are solely due to the exceptional professionals who constitute our team.

Consequently, we place significant emphasis on the individual career aspirations and growth of each and every member of our Firm. We understand that by investing in their development, we not only empower our team but also enhance our collective success.

Choose FMF&E, where our team is our most valuable asset, and experience an environment that fuels achievement, fosters collaboration, and propels you towards unparalleled growth. Join us today and embark on a fulfilling journey towards professional excellence.

Career Development

What Sets Us Apart…

  • We have achieved consecutive top ranks for our workplace culture from the Central New York Business Journal. 
  • Our Firm is a proud member of the RSM US Alliance since 1992. Through our RSM US Alliance affiliation, we tap into national experts, quality education and technical resources.
  • Team members enjoy opportunities to explore multiple industries as they develop their career. Each team member is given the opportunity to experience each industry that we serve which in turn broadens knowledge and provides further professional development.
  • At FMF&E, we take our careers seriously and pride ourselves on providing our team members with professional development opportunities, challenging client engagements and an understanding of the importance of work/life balance in our daily lives. All this has helped us achieve exceptional collaboration amongst our team, a sense of purpose and belonging. 
  • At FMF&E it’s all about relationships – relationships shared with each other, our clients and the community around us. Our team members volunteer on non-profit boards and participate in charitable events throughout the year. We encourage involvement in causes and organizations that are meaningful to you!
  • Our commitment to wellness and balance for our team is one that is prioritized throughout our organization. We recognize our team is our most valuable asset, and because of that we make sure we balance excellence in our work with excellence in our health as well. 

And Most Importantly…

Our firm continues to grow and expand! As it does, it opens up new opportunities for growth and career development for our dedicated accountants. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry, serving clients in fast-growing sectors. By actively engaging with clients from these industries, our accountants gain invaluable experience and expertise in navigating the unique challenges and complexities they face. We provide ongoing training and professional development programs to equip our accountants with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to excel in these dynamic environments. At FMF&E, we foster a culture of continuous learning and offer a platform for accountants to thrive and advance their careers in tandem with the growth of our clients’ industries and our firm.

Top Professionals Ready To Serve You

The FMF&E team prides itself on ensuring that you have quick and easy access to top professionals for any challenge. Our unique model gives our clients confidence that our experienced team can be trusted with your most complex challenges.