Suralink Client Portal

FMF&E is implementing a new and improved secure portal named “Suralink.” Suralink is an easy to use web-based professional exchange and storage system to streamline our audit and tax compliance process. In addition, the system includes a dynamic request list tailored to your business and a secure file sharing transfer administration.

Suralink encrypts your data both in transmission and at rest and protects you and your data with multi-factor authentication, inactivity time-out, restricted access management, SSL AES 256-bit encryption, and uses SSAE16 Type II SOC1 and SOC2 data centers.

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Your FMF&E client team will notify you when you should begin using the new system. The system will issue a registration email to assist with the setup of your account. Look for this email from The registration and setup is easy. Your FMF&E client team will help you with using Suralink, and additional information and instructions are included below.

We look forward to working with you and expect the new system to meet our high standards for security and efficiency. We believe you will find the system easy to use and productive.

First, you will receive an email invitation for the system from Next, set your password and view the unique request list for your engagement. Finally, simply drag and drop a file from your computer onto the request line item in the list to fulfill a request. It links and attaches to the request, and the firm is notified. Suralink supports any file type and any file size. Providing documents has never been easier.

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Additional Help

Below are user guides for additional assistance for using Suralink. In addition, there are two short videos on the basic use of Suralink; find these on the context menu at the bottom of the Suralink web page after logging in. Although the system is intuitive and easy to use, you may find these resources helpful:

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